Utsukushi Hotaru
美しいほたる Utsukushī Hotaru
SeasonHip-Hop! Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorBlonde (Hotaru)

Gold (Rhaspody)

Home PlaceRiyū Machi
RelativesUtsukushi Nozomi (Little Sister)

Utsukushi Leila (Mother)

First AppearanceHHPC01
Alter EgoCure Rhaspody
Theme ColorWhite
Japanese Voice ActorNagano Ai
 Utsukushi Hotaru (美しほたる Utsukushi Hotaru) is one of the main cures from Hip-Hop! Pretty Cure! Her alter-ego is Cure Rhaspody and her theme color is white. Her catchprase is Fashion twenty-four hours of the day! (ファッション二十から四日の!Fasshon nijū kara yokka no!)


Hotaru has blonde hair with blue eyes. Her casual clothes are, normally, a White dress with short sleeves. The dress has silver glitter, and she wears a gold belt. She wears white sneakers. And a ribbon with a diamond in the center, in her hair.

As Rhaspody, her hair turn to gold, with a ponytail tied with a dark pink ribbon, and her dress is still with short sleeves, but is white with some Fuscia strips, and a big pink ribbon in her chest. She wears a white boot with a ribbon in the top. She wears two pink bracelets. 


A kind of selfish, but she is really nice when a friend needs her. 


~Coming Soon~


Kino Melaine - They became Pretty Cure partners. Sometimes they argue.

Tsukigami Adele - They share a love for fashion.

Cure Rhaspody

                            "The beauty of the hearts come into a song! Cure Rhaspody!"

                                              心の美しさが歌に入る! キュアラプソディ!

                                     Kokoro no utsukushi-sa ga uta ni hairu! Kyuarapusodi!

Cure Rhaspody (キュアラプソディ Kyuarapusodi) is Hotaru alter-ego.


Sub Attacks

Freezing Beauty Splash -

Spiral Dançarinne- 

Graceful Sword-

Main Attacks

Aqua Dancing Rhaspody-

Sparkling Evolution Flash-


Utsukushi (美し) - Means "Beauty". Probably a reason of her love for fashion.

Hotaru  (ほたる) - Means "Firefly". A reason for her "Shining".

Together, her name means "Beautiful Firefly".


Hotaru's voice actress, Nagano Ai, has participed in several image songs for the character she voices.



  • One of her attacks, Spiral Dançarinne, comes from the portuguese word "Dançarina", what means "Dancer". 
  • She is similar to Aono Miki:
    • Both of them love fashion
    • They think that they are perfect
    • Hotaru's attack, Graceful Sword, is inspired on Berry's espoir shower.
  • Like Hime, Hotaru always have to be saved, but she can do things for herself.