Bored of waiting for the reboot of Sailor Moon? Wanting to do something to keep you busy while waiting? Well why don't join Fandom of Sailor Moon Wiki? It is a wiki where you can create a fanseries, fan characters, villains and supporting characters that is related to Sailor Moon. And also, if you don't have the imagination to create your own fanseries, go ahead and make a your very own reboot of Sailor Moon! You can also make generation fanseries - meaning you create fan children of the canon scouts and make because the successors of the canon scouts!

On the wiki you can meet other Sailor Moon fans who love Sailor Moon as much as you do so don't forget to be nice (I sound like a peace maker) and keep your hatred inside of yourself, even if you've seen this person around on other wikis and they get on your nerves. Who knows they might feel the same way (I don't think this paragraph makes sense. Oh well.)

I hoped this summed up what the wiki is about and I can't wait to see you Sailor Moon fans on the wiki having fun using your creativity side of yourself!

(BTW, if you want to be admin on the wiki, message me on my profile page.)