• Hello I’ve noticed someone has gone onto my fanseries page (Magi Magi Precure) and has added 2 new cures and a bunch of photos without asking me! Now you might say just delete the photos and the two extra cures and that’s what I did and I even added a little not saying:please don’t Edit this page without asking me unlesss you are fixing spelling errors and everything was fine until AGAIN the same person went on and added the same two cures and photos! So I would like your advice Please and thank you -MarsieLollie

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    • My advice is tell me the user's name and I'll try to block them for you. If that don't work, I suggest you move all your work this wiki as it more populated and busy and everyone there is nice and friendly and you can interact with others there (There are no users like that one but you gotta follow rules, especially some category rules). If you prefer staying here, then I can make you admin so you can protect your pages from users like this one.

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    • HI sorry for the late reply, The problem is that the user does not have a account from what ive seen instead they use the "A FANDOM user"  thing so im not sure if you can block them or not

      I most likely want to stay,however i might put some of my work on there beacuse it seems like a nice place.So overall I'll probaly stay here 

      thank you for replying 


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    • I just realised I can change the settings here where users have to be logged in to edit so this fandom user shouldn't be able to edit anymore.

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    • I belive i found the person who was editing it 

      because you changed the setting and I told them off on the page  they commented on my wall saying "add three other cures cure ruby,cure topaz, and cure onyx 

      I mean its nice that they asked but still, 

      here is the link to their profile:

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    • Yeah it seems they realy like your series and wanna help you by adding more characters, but I guess they need to understand you don't need their help.

      Is there ahything you would like me to do? Just tell them to stop or something?

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    • Eh I think its fine for now The edits have stopped so I’m not sure if it’s a problem for me anymore

      Still If this does happen again I’ll tell you

      Anyways thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!

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    • Okay~ You're welcome!

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    • A FANDOM user
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