Suzuki Kokone
鈴木 心音 Suzuki Kokone
SeasonRhythmic Star★Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorMagenta (Kokone)

Pink (Cure Prism)

Hair ColorMagenta (Kokone)

Pink (Cure Prism)

RelativesSuzuki Haru (mother)

Suzuki Aki (father) Suzuki Yuu (brother)

First AppearanceRSPC01
Alter EgoCure Prism
Theme ColorPink
Japanese Voice ActorSuzuki Nana
Suzuki Kokone (鈴木 心音Suzuki Kokone) is the lead Cure of Rhythmic Star★Pretty Cure!. She is a bright and energetic girl, and sometimes very clumsy, but is very determined to save the world. She cares about others a lot, sometimes too much that she forgets about what she is meant to do. Kokone has a food that she particularly doesn't like, which is corn, and is shown a lot throughout the series. Kokone's alter ego is Cure Prism (キュアプリズム Kyua Purizumu), and her theme colour is pink.


Kokone has magenta eyes and shoulder length pink hair. She normally dresses in a grey t-shirt and a pink and white striped jumper. She just wears white shorts and pale pink boots.

As Cure Prism, her hair becomes longer and curlier, and ties up into a pony tail secured with a pink band. She also wears a white hairband with a pink ribbon on each side. Her eyes become bright pink. Her outfit consists a top with a heart and a ribbon in the middle, and lots of frills and colours. Her shoes are white and pink with a ribbon.


Kokone has a caring personality and sometimes forgets about herself and what she is meant to be doing. This causes her to get in trouble very often.