Rhythmic Star★Pretty Cure!
リズミック スター★プリキュア!
(Rizumikku Sutaa★Purikyua!)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2015
PredecessorSilver Angel! Pretty Cure
SuccessorStarburst! Pretty Cure★

Rhythmic Star★Pretty Cure! (リズミック スター★プリキュア Rizumikku Staa★Purikyua) is the third Pretty Cure fanseries on this wiki created by Emma-chi. The theme for the series is music, stars and friendship.


Rhythmic Star★Pretty Cure Episodes


Pretty Cures

Suzuki Kokone(鈴木 心音Suzuki Kokone)/Cure Prism (キュア プリズムKyua Purizumu)

  • Kokone is a moody but energetic 14 year-old girl who often forgets about herself because she is too busy helping others. Her alter ego is Cure Prism, and her theme colour is pink.

Matsuoka Yoshie (松丘 佳江Matsuoka Yoshie)/Cure Snow (キュア スノー Kyua Sunoo)

  • Yoshie is a childhood friend of Kokone's. In primary school, Yoshie had to transfer schools, but in the second year of middle school, Yoshie transfered again, to the school that Kokone went, and became friends again. Her alter ego is Cure Snow, and her theme colour is white.

Nakahara Mizuki (中原 美月Nakahara Mizuki)/Cure Moonbeam (キュアムーンビーム Kyua Muunbiimu)

  • Mizuki is part of a famous dance group that Kokone and Yoshie admires. She likes fashion and has a good fashion sense. Her alter ego is Cure Moonbeam, and her theme colour is blue and purple.

Hanazato Noa (花里 野愛Hanazato Noa)/Cure Clover (キュアクローバーKyua Kuroovaa)

  • Noa was a Pretty Cure before Kokone, Yoshie and Mizuki, and joined the team last. Nobody knows how Noa became a Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Clover, and her theme colour is yellow and green.


Mimi (ミミMimi)

  • Mimi is the mascot of the team. Whenever Cure Prism, Snow, Moonbeam and Clover defeat a monster, she claps her hand and a ‘Rhythmic Stone’ appears.


Secondary Characters


The transformation item that the girls use.

The collectable items that the girls need to get hold of. A Rhythmic Stone is earned when the Pretty Cures defeat a monster. There are 45 Rhythmic Stones altogether.


The middle school that Kokone, Yoshie and Noa go to.

A special idol Academy that Mizuki goes to.


  • This is the second series that stars off with four cures, after Doki Doki Pretty Cure.