Ran Sayuri
蘭 小百合 ran sayuri
SeasonCandy Pretty Cure
Eye Colorpurple (Sayuri)

lavender (Lavender)

Hair Colordark purple (Sayuri)

purple (Lavender)

Home PlaceTokyo
First AppearanceCPC01
Alter EgoCure Lavender
Theme ColorPurple
Japanese Voice ActorMasaki Yuriko
English Voice ActorRuby June
Ran Sayuri (蘭 小百合 ran sayuri) is a member of Candy Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Lavender and her theme colour is purple.


In human form, Sayuri's hair is down. She wears a purple cardigan and underneath is a white shirt. She also wears a denim skirt, folded at the bottom. Her shoes are purle flats.

As Cure Lavender, Sayuri's hair colour becomes lighter, and a red crystal with feathers coming out is added on the side of her head. She wears a purple choker, and a purple vest-like top with gold outline. Under that is a purple and white dress with gold frills. Her transformation item dangles on her waist. On the back of her dress, there is a purple ribbon. Her boots are thigh length, and have feathers coming out from the top.




Cure Lavender

"The Road to Courage! Cure Lavender!"

勇気の 道しるべ!キュア ラヴェンダー!

Yuuki no michi shirube! Kyua Ravendaa!

Cure Lavender is Ran Sayuri's alter ego. Her basic attack is Lavender Blade.