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Crystal Flower

Air Date


Raburīkurisutaru no densetsu!


"Lovely Crystal's legend!"

Pink Legend 

Silver Denim

One day, a little fairy called Light was dreaming in be a Pretty Cure's partner, but she was too young for this. Then, the Tresaure Hunters were colleting Crystal Flowers on Earth. Light saw her chance to her dream come true. She come to earth. There, it lives a girl called Shounomi Minako. She was walking to school when a bike was about to hit Light. Minako yelled to the cyclist to stop, and she get the "little doll". She kept her in her bag, and in the end of school, at her home, Light saw her Crystal Flower. Was a Pink Legend. Any silver part. Light yelled, and Minako hits her with a notebook. Light ask her to turn into a Pretty Cure, and Minako asked why. Light telled her all of the story, and when Minako was about to ask, the cyclist that was about to hit the "doll" had his Crystal Flower removed and turned into a monster. A black crystal was on the floor, Minako was trying to save him, and then a Color Shape Palette appears and Minako transforms into a Pretty Cure, but she doesn't know how to fight. Then, following her moviments, she perform Cerise Shot and defeats the monster, awakes the cyclist, and told Light that she will be a Pretty Cure.


Passhon no akai kurisutaru! 


The red crystal of Passion! ​

Red Passion

Silver Mountain Meadow 

Minako was going to school when she acidentally falls in a little camp of flowers. Kaori, a girl of her class, told her to be careful, that flowers were their friends. Light calls this girl "really cute", and Minako told her to be quiet, and Kaori was don't understanding anything. Then, after a while, Passion, another fairy, hits Minako's head, and she falls on the floor. Minako look angry to the fairy, but he told her that he was Passion, the chosen one to find the Pretty Cure of Passion. Minako alrady know where he can find her, and when she gets into the class, he finds Kaori, the one with a Red Passion Crystal Flower. Minako calls Kaori for a second, and ask her to become a Pretty Cure. Kaori ask if the "Pretty Cure" that she was talking was Cure Cerise. Minako told her about her cure form, and Kaori say that she wanted to become one, too. Then, one of the students was turning into a Sandarian, and Minako transforms. Kaori asked how she transform too, and Passion gave her one Color Shape Palette. She transforms and defeat the monster. Then, Minako and Kaori become partners.


Fantajī to biyō! Kyuapurimurōzu wa koko ni aru!


"Fantasy and Beauty! Cure Primrose is here!"

Yellow Fantasy

Silver Red Violet

A beautiful student, Hideko, transforms into a Pretty Cure, Cure Primrose.


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