Queen Akumu
クィーン アクム Ku~īn Akumu
SeasonMirror Change Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBright Red
Hair ColorLight Blue
Home PlaceShadow Empire Tower
Theme ColorPurple (main)

White (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorYuka Imai
Queen Akumu (クィーン アクム Ku~īn Akumu) is the main villain in Mirror Change Pretty Cure!. Queen Akumu is also the ruler of Shadow Empire.


Queen Akumu is a cruel and evil-minded ruler who wishes to conquer Earth. She shows no love to friendship or changes to life and dreams of destroying everything that makes humans smile.


She has long light blue hair that goes into thick ringlets towards the end with a white headband in her hair. She wears a sleeveless purple top with white buttons going down the middle. A white belt goes around her waist with a black circle buckle, a white skirt and thigh length purple boots with a white trim. She wears purple gloves with a white trim and she wears a purple chocker.