Pretty Cure ~ Light and Dark
(Purikyua 〜 raito to dāku)
Original RunFeburary 28th, 2014
PredecessorHip-Hop! Pretty Cure!
SuccessorClover Link Pretty Cure!
Opening SongLike a Diamonds (Light PC formation)

Dark Jewel (Dark PC formation) Pretty Cure, both sides of a Mirror (real opening)

Ending SongWhat more can I do

Hikari ~ shining

 Pretty Cure ~ Light and Dark (プリキュア〜ライトとダーク Purikyua ~ Raito to Daku) is WhiteColor's 2nd fan series, and her first Pretty Cure with two teams.


Pretty Cure ~ Light and Dark episodes

Dark Cures

A long time ago, a girl saw a little crystal. This crystal allowed her to transform into a Pretty Cure. But, she had a evil heart, and the crystal turned dark and started to control her. She transformed into a dark person, but the crystal power was so strong, and she started to sleep. 300 years after, she awakened, and she started a project to a machine to create dark Cures. Then, 5 girls were kidnaped, and the dark Queen, name given by the dark Crystal, ereased all memories from them, and put them in her machines, creating dark Cures.

Light Cures

Someday, after Dia know about the dark crystal, she get some Star pens and came to earth to find the Pretty Cures. Then, a girl called Lucy find Dia and taked care of her. Then, Lucy transformed into a Pretty Cure, Cure Shining. After fighting Cure Darkness, she promised herself to make these cures awake.


Bright Pretty Cure!

Kira Lucy (キラルーシー Kira Rushi)

A bright girl, who never wants anyone to feel down. She is amazing playing the guitar, and when she transformed into a Pretty Cure, she promised to awake the dark Cures. Her alter-ego is Cure Shining (シャイニング Kyua Shainingu).

Aoibara Carol (青いバラキャロル Aoibara Kyaroru)

A flourist, Carol is good in running (especially with lawn-mower), and usually runs somewhere. Carol believes in the power of hearts, that can make anything. Her alter-ego is Cure Flower (キュアフラワー Kyua Furawa').

Megumi Paloma (めぐみパロマ Megumi Paroma)

A beautiful girl who always try to realize her dreams. She like to draw, and isn't shy. Her alter-ego is Cure Bird (キュアバード Kyua Bado).

Midorihara Nancy (みどりハラナンシー Midorihara Nanshi)

She is very mysterious, and anyone know about her. But she is kind, and try to make the people happy. Her alter-ego is Cure Miracle (キュアミラクル Kyua Mirakuru).

Hishi Glass (ヒシグラス Hishi Gurasu)

First used to be Cure Pain, a enemy of Pretty Cures, she awake from the brainwashing made by Dark Queen and now she became a allie of the Cures. Her alter-ego is Diamond Aurora (ダイヤモンドオーロラ Daiyamondoōrora).

Dark Crystal Pretty Cure

Cure Darkness - Her name is still unknown. She was brainwashed by the dark Queen and became her right arm. She is very loyal to Dark Queen and she make everything to her.

Cure Alone - She doesn't like anyone, only her dark Queen. 

Cure ??? -

Cure ??? -

Hishi Glass (ヒシグラス  Hishi Gurasu) / Cure Pain 

She was evil, but changed side and became friends with the cures.

~Coming Soon (Only if I have good Ideas)~