Pretty Cure All Stars Hopeful Light: Lovely Friends!
"PurikyuaōrusutāHōpuraito: Airashī tomodachi"
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 Pretty Cure All Stars Hopeful Light: Lovely Friends is the 7th Pretty Cure crossover movie with all Pretty Cure characters and the newest characters from Hip-Hop! Pretty Cure!.


The Pretty Cures were in a school-together-meeting, where all schools with all of the students and teachers were. Then, Melaine was walking with Hotaru and Adele, when she saw Megumi, and both were meeting eye-by-eye. Then, they knew the other cures, but a witch came and wants to everyone fall in a deep sleep! Now, Pretty Cures have to stop her before everyone sleep!


Miracle Lights

Melaine: Hi!

Audience: Hi!!

Megumi: Thank you for coming today!

Mana: It will be so amazing!

Miyuki: Well, we have something to show to you!

Hibiki: It's our newest miracle light!

Tsubomi: It is called... uh, I forgot!

Love: It's called Miracle Hope Light.

Tsubomi: Thank you, Love!

Nozomi: Press this bottom and the miracle light will shine!

Saki: But there is some things that you can't do with this miracle light... I forgot, too!

Nagisa: I'll say in your place. First, you can shine the light closer to your eyes!

Tsubomi: Second, don't spin the miracle light in your finger! You can hurt someone!

Saki: Ah, I remembered! And last, don't pull the miracle light of your friend!

All: We hope you have a good movie!

Meeting all cures

The movie starts in a big center. Every school was there. Melaine, Hotaru and Adele were walking along with Lily (making the people think she is a stuffed animal.).

Melaine: How boring! We really have to be here??

Adele: Yes, we have! This is a school meeting! We can find new friends here!

Melaine: This is the good part!

Hotaru: And there is soo beautiful girls here! 

Melaine steps in a stone and falls in the floor. Megumi runs and help her.

Melaine: Th-thank you and..

The eye-by-eye meeting starts

Hotaru: Hey, Melaine?

The other cures saw the meeting

Mana: I-It's happening?

Erika: This is a Cure-For-Cure meeting?

Hotaru: MELAINE!

Melaine: What?

Megumi: Hey... this is strange... I felt it before.

Ribbon saw Lily in Hotaru's hands.

Ribbon: Lily?

Lily: Ribbon!!

Both of them starts to play and jump happier. All of the other mascots do the same.

Melaine: Oh, my... god...

Hotaru: It means...

Adele: Pretty Cures? Too?

Megumi: Yes!

Nagisa: There are so many of them! You have to see!

Melaine: Cool! We are the Hip-Hop Pretty Cure!

The three make the group pose

Hibiki: Music, too, huh? Cool!

All of them starts to laugh.

Witch's appareance

The sky gets black. Melaine and the others run to the first floor.

Nagisa: What's happening?

Karen: Look! The sky!

Mai: But... who did this?

??: Where she is?

Rikka: Who?

Yuko: There are so many girls!

??: I mean the princess!

Hime: From what kingdom?

??: From here, of the earth!

Hime: It isn't me.

Setsuna: I didn't know that there is a princess from the earth...

Nao: Probably a Pretty Cure who has the power of earth... I think...

Saki and Komachi hug each other

Saki: D-Don't say things like that!

Komachi: I-It can be problem for us!

??:Not like this! She wears black sometimes!

Nagisa and Melaine hold hands

Miki: What's the problem?

Both: We have black as our theme color...

??: This will give me work...

She shows up

Witch: I am the dark witch! Revived!

Honoka: You again?

All except from the Max Heart: What do you mean at this?

Hikari: We fighted her a long time ago!

Akane: Really?

Hime: What do you want here?

Witch: I want to every person in earth fall in a deep sleep! Then, I will have my revenge! Against YOU, Pretty Cure!

Group transformation

Melaine: And you think we will allow that?

Megumi: Listen up! We won't allow you make everyone sleep and lose their feelings! 

Mana: The people's hearts...

Miyuki: The people's smiles...

Hibiki: The harmony with them...

Tsubomi: Their heart flower...

Love: Their good memories...

Nozomi: You won't stole this!

Saki: We will absolutely...

Nagisa: For sure...

All: Protect it!

Mascots: Transform into Pretty Cure!

All of them shout their transformation phrase and talk their speech. 

All: All together, Pretty Cure All Stars!


Rhaspody: 1, 2, 3...

Song: It's amazing!

Blossom: We all know how this feel.

The challenge starts

Witch: Ok, let's see how you can stand in my challenge! If all of you win, I leave you in peace! If not, you will sleep and the every world too!

Black: We accept!

The witch transports them to a world with glass coffins, like in snow white, with the number of cures.

Marine: Where are we??

Princess: I'm scared!

Sunshine: Me too!

Fortune: Shh. I can listen something.

Moonlight: Yeah, me too.

A zakenna appears.

Lemonade: What is this?

Luminous: RUN!

Everyone starts to run.

Diamond: Hey, what are these glass coffins?

Happy: They look like as my picture books!

Aqua: You mean we are in snow white?

Dream: Or something like that.

The Zakenna throw a beam in Mint, it hits and Mint falls on the floor.

White: The Zakennas can't do that!

Aqua: Mint, can you listen me?

Mint is teleported into one of the coffins.

Milky: What?

Witch: I forgot to say, if one of you is hited with this beam, the person falls into a deep sleep! Now, the challenge it's resist and defeat all of the monsters with at least one of you awake! But, if you can't...

The witch dissapears.

Black: Come here now!

The Zakenna hits Lemonade, Blossom, White, Rouge, Rhythm, Sunny, Peace and Sword.

Song: It hited 9 of us!

Black: White!

Lovely: It's time to finish this monster off!

Princess: Okay!

Both: Pretty Cure, Twin Miracle Power Shoot!

The zakenna is purified.

Bloom: Oh no...

A uzainaa appears

Marine: NOW WHAT?

The uzainaa hits the rest of the heartcatch group, Pine, Rosetta and Diamond, Ace, Luminous, Egret, Honey, Beauty and Muse.

Melody: Muse!

March: I finnish this!

Milky: Now leave this to me!

March: Eh?

Milky: Pretty Cure, Milky Love Stream!

The uzainaa is purified and a hoshinna appears.

Dream: Pretty Cure, Shooting Star!

The Hoshinna is purified

Bloom: This was fast... now we losted 21!

Aqua: The half of us!

A nakewameke and a deserterian appeared together

Milky: What?

The monsters hited: Dream, Aqua, Rhaspody, Fortune, Lovely.

Princess: Lovely!


Bloom: Now are 16 of us!

Princess: Pretty Cure, Blue Happy Shoot!

Happy: Pretty Cure, Happy Shower!

The nakewameke and the deserterian were purified.

Mascots and the people (from all of the series)

PS: The mascots were separated from the cures

Mepple: Black...-mepo

Lily: What we will do?- riri

Daisuke: Go, Peach-san!

Tarte: Uh?

Everyone was cheering

Mipple: The strong feelings of everyone can bring courage to pretty cure!-mipo

Porun: Look-Popo!

Pretty Cure's crisis

The fresh, smile, yes! gogo and dokidoki were defeated. A negatone and a akanbe were purified, along with a jikochuu.

Princess: Now are only us.

Bloom: Only I, Princess, Milky and Black.

Milky: I am very scared. 

Black: It's all over?

Princess: It only rests a Saiark. Let's purify it, fast.

Black: But only you and Milky can do solo attacks! 

Bloom: And both of you used your attacks!

Milky: Look out, Black!

Black: What?

Milky protects Black, being hited.

All: Milky!

Princess was defeated, too.

Bloom: What... we do?

Black: Don't gave up in hope.

Bloom: Ok.

Bloom and Black point to the saiark and throw a big light into the saiark, the light hit the saiark, but Black and Bloom were defeated, too.

Brightful Hope Pretty Cure

Mepple: Pretty Cure-mepo!

They were teletransported back still sleeping in their human forms. Every person in the world started to sleep. Nagisa's finger moved.

Witch: Huh?

Nagisa: I... can't gave up...

All of them start to get up.

Melaine: We... we have our dreams to realize, too...

All: We will get our happiness!

The miracle lights started to shine and the mascots started to cheer to the cures. The people's heart shined too.

Nagisa: Everyone, thank you!

They transform into their Bright forms. All of them hold hands.

All: Pretty Cure, Lovely Bright Heart!

All: Delieve it to you!!

A big beam hit the witch, making she dissapear.

Milky: We win!

The ending starts showing everyone happy.

-Then, the dancing ending starts.-