Morimoto Kuroko
森本黒子 Morimoto Kuroko
SeasonFuture Star Pretty Cure!

Future Star Pretty Cure! New Mission! Go Go! Future Star Pretty Cure!

Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown-red
Home PlaceStar Kingdom (before)

Hoshizora Town (currently)

RelativesMorimoto Miyuki (mother)

Morimoto Ban (father) Morimoto Ellen (older sister) Morimoto Ryuu (older brother) Morimoto Hikari (younger sister) Morimoto Hikaru (younger brother) Morimoto Sakura (younger sister) Morimoto Lily (younger sister) Morimoto Kagome (grandmother)

First AppearanceFSPC01
Alter EgoCure New
Theme ColorOrange
 Morimoto Kuroko is one of cures from Future Star Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure New and her theme color is orange.


Morimoto Kuroko

Kuroko has long brown-red hair that she usally keep in two pig-tails. She has green eyes.

Cure New

As Cure New, Kuroko's hair turn orange-red and she doesn't have tails anymore. She wears orange dress.


Kuroko is friendly, energetic girl. She is actually good at lot of stuf like everyone from her family. She can be a bit stubborn at the times (like when she was trying to talk with Mikoto even though she told her that she doesn't want to be her friend). She cares for her friends and family very much and would do anything to protect them.


Cure New


Ayuzawa Mikoto  - Kuroko liked Mikoto when she first time saw her and wanted to become her friend, but it took her long tim too make Mikoto realise that she want to be her friend too.

Morimoto Kagome - Kagome is Kuroko's grandmother who used to be Pretty Cure herself. 

Hanazono Aria - Aria often help Kuroko and Mikoto with their problems.



  • Kuroko's personality is more like leaders personalities than Mikoto's at begining, but later in series it was shown that Mikoto is in a way like other leader cures.
  • Kuroko is first cure that have some powers when she is in civilian form.
  • Kuroko is first cure who's family know that she is pretty cure from begining of series. Everyone in her family actually has powers too and sometimes help cures in battles.
  • Kuroko shares her surname Morimoto with Morimoto Eru from Doki Doki Pretty Cure
  • Kuroko shares her name with Shirai Kuroko from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and To Aru Majutsu no Index