Momori Hitomi
藻森 瞳 momori hitomi
SeasonCandy Pretty Cure
Eye ColorNavy blue (Hitomi)

Blue (Lollipop)

Hair ColorNavy Blue (Hitomi)

Blue (Lollipop)

Home PlaceTokyo
RelativesMomori Yumi (mum)

Momori Akira (dad) Momori Takashi (brother)

First AppearanceCPC01
Alter EgoCure Lollipop
Theme ColorBlue
Japanese Voice ActorKamiyo Sakura
English Voice ActorMaya Jhonson
Momori Hitomi (喪森 瞳 momori hitomi) is the second Pretty Cure to be born in Candy Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Lollipop and her theme colour is blue.


When Hitomi is in human form, she has a brown vest with a blue, collared top, which has a small pale blue tie. Her hair is shoulder length, and sort of curls up at the bottom. Her shorts are dark blue, and she wears blue sneakers.

As Cure Lollipop, Hitomi's hair becomes brighter and longer, and wears a headband with a blue ribbon. She wears a blue choker, and a collared vest-like top, with gold outline. She wears a blue and white dress underneath also with gold outlining. She wears white stockings and blue and white shoes on top.



Transferring to Aika's class

Hitomi transfered to Mayumi Aika's class from Akita, because of her mother's new photography job. Hitomi gets seated next to Aika. That afternoon, Hitomi had secretly saw Aika transform into Cure Sweet, and the next day, Hitomi also becomes part of the team as Cure Lollipop, and grants Aika's wish of having a true friend.


Mayumi Aika - Hitomi's best friend, and leader of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Sweet and her theme colour is pink.

Cure Lollipop

Cure Lollipop is Momori Hitomi's alter ego. Her basic attack is Lollipop Disk.