This is a category listing the episodes in Mirror Change Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 Shikashi, watashi wa dekimasen! Henkō - Kyua Mirāju!
しかし、私はできません!変更 - キュア ミラージュ!
"But I can't! Change - Cure Mirage!"
Mayonaka Hotaru 2014-02-19
Yuuka has just transferred to Akihabara Town, since the doctor from her old town, said Akihabara Town can make her father better. She is quite upset about leaving her old town, since she couldn't say goodbye to her best friends. While crying to herself in an alley, Goto Etsuko appears and makes her feel better. Mayonaka Hotaru appears and creates a Kurogane. To help Etsuko, Yuuka transforms into Cure Mirage, but is too shocked to fight. Etsuko transforms into Cure Change and fights the Kurogane, but is too defeated.
02 Toraburu. Watashinojinsei o henkō suru koto ga dekimasu ka?
"Troubles. My life can be changed?"
Mayonaka Hotaru 2014-02-26
Cure Mirage gets up and confronts Hotaru, while Cure Change regains her strength. The two create a new attack named "Year Long Blast", which purified the Kurogane. Yuuka tells Etsuko her troubles and how she thinks her father might die, and Etsuko says she will help her. Glass appears and tells Yuuka that she can change her life, which makes Yuuka question herself if she should change herself.
03 Heiretsu no sekai! Etsuko-san no namida.
並列の世界! えつこさんの涙。
"Parallel worlds! Etsuko's tears."
Mayonaka Hotaru 2014-03-05
Etsuko asks Yuuka why she moved to Akihabara Town when they are attacked by Hotaru's Kurogane. Cure Parallel comes to fight it off, but the Kurogane sends Etsuko, Yuuka, Cure Parallel and Hotaru in a parallel word. They find themselves in the past in front of a palace and Etsuko collapses to her knees and cries while Hotaru tries to figure out why she is having weird flashbacks. Yuuka does her best to help Etsuko while Cure Parallel tries to find an entrance out of the parallel world.
04 Tasuke no sakebi! Akihabara machi ga papa wo tasuketekurenai!
"Cries for help! Akihabara Town is not helping dad!"
Kuromiya Ryuu 2014-03-12
Yuuka returns home from getting the shopping and admiring the size of Akihabara Academy, to find her father holding a chair tightly to keep himself standing and having trouble breathing. Yuuka freaks out and drops the shopping and goes to help him. Her mother leaves work early to help Yuuka with her husband and takes him to the hospital. The two girls find out that the town is not helping him and that he might have to leave them to go somewhere near the ocean.
05 Atarashī gakkō. Yūjō no chikara.
"New School. Power of friendship."
Kuromiya Ryuu 2014-03-19
After passing Akihabara Academy from visiting her father in the hostipal, Yuuka stops and admires the students in the grounds. Etsuko sees her and asks when she is enrolling into the school. Yuuka says she doesn't know and asks her mother if she can enroll into the academy. The next day, Yuuka recieves her uniform and finds out that she is in Etsuko's class. The next day, Yuuka goes to school and says her introduction speech perfectly without stuffing up and meets a lot of new people.
06 Nazo no Purikyua, Kyua Rifurekuto.
"Mysterious Pretty Cure, Cure Reflect."
Kuromiya Ryuu 2014-03-26
The girls were fighting early in the morning, and due to being tired from lack of sleep, they were defeated easily. A mysterious orange Cure appeared and finished the monster off with "Flaming Orange Glow". After the battle, Yuuka and Etsuko decided wandering around the town, trying to figure out who the mysterious Cure was, until their next battle, when she reveals herself to be named Cure Reflect.
07 Hotaru no tame no atarashī chikara! Koko de Kyua Burakku Mirā dearu!
"New powers for Hotaru! Here is Cure Black Mirror!"
Mayonaka Hotaru
(Cure Black Mirror)
Hotaru is walking through Dark Forest to the Shadow Empire Tower when she notices a purple glow. The purple glows ends up being a purple Chnager Brace called the Black Brace. When she picks it up, she feels power going through her. While fighting Yuuka and Etsuko, she uses the Black Brace to transform into Cure Black Mirror and fights the girls with incredible fighting skills that defeats the girls easily. Cure Parallel appears and starts to fight Cure Black Mirror.
08 Kaosu o chōri! Yuuka tojikome rarete iru!
カオスを調理! ゆうか閉じ込められている!
"Cooking Chaos! Yuuka trapped!"
Cure Black Mirror
Kuromiya Ryuu
Continuing from last episode, Yuuka watches Cure Parallel fight Cure Black Mirror and watches as Cure Black Mirror disappears. Cure Parallel tells the girls that they are too weak and that they will never be able to get stronger at the rate they're going. She goes and feeling upset, Yuuka decides to go home, leaving Etsuko all by herself. After school the next day, Yuuka decides to do some cooking when Cure Black Mirror and Ryuu appear. To prove that she is strong, Yuuka transforms and begins to fight them and with her will to defeat them, a new power appears for her.
09 Kugimiya rie no ie ni shōtai! Kaori wa watashitachi no himitsu o shitte iru!
釘宮理恵の家に招待! かおりは私たちの秘密を知っている!
"Invitation to the Kugimiya's house!? Kaori knows our secret! "
Kuromiya Ryuu 2014-04-16
At school, Kaori walks up to Yuuka asking if she would like to come to her house since she would like to talk to them. Etsuko walks by and is told to come as well. Thinking that Kaori wants to be a friend of her's, Yuuka becomes excited about going over while Etsuko wonders why she wants them to come over. When they go over, Kaori starts the conversation off with Pretty Cure, making Etsuko and Yuuka freeze where they are sitting.
10 Kaori to Kyua Rifurekuto? Karera wa daredesu ka?
かおりとキュアリフレクト? 彼らは誰ですか?
"Kaori and Cure Reflect? Who are they?"
Mayonaka Hotaru 2014-04-23
Following the last episode, Yuuka and Etsuko are discussing about Kaori when she walks by and smiles at them. The two girls start spying on Kaori to see if she is Cure Reflect or not. When they are almost defeated by Hotaru's Kurogane and Cure Reflect comes to help them defeat the Kurogane, the two Cures ask Cure Reflect if she is Kaori, but is answered with her flying off.
11 Pawā! Naze wareware wa totemo yowaidesu ka?
パワー! なぜ我々はとても弱いですか?
"Power! Why are we so weak?"
Mayonaka Hotaru
Kuromiya Ryuu
Glass takes Etsuko and Yuuka to the park and explains to them that to be able to defeat Shadow Empire, they have to get stronger and prove to Cure Reflect that they are strong and that she can join the team. Etsuko asks why they are so weak and Glass says it's because they aren't training enough and their will to save everyone they love isn't strong enough. Yuuka and Etsuko are shocked and declare that they will start training the next day, except Etsuko sleeps in and the girls are late to catch the train...
12 Kyua Rifurekuto to shōjo no ma no tatakai.
"The battle between Cure Reflect and the girls."
--- 2014-05-07
Cure Reflect is seen standing on a branch of a tree watching Yuuka and Etsuko practice fighting and she flies down and tells the girls that she will battle them in two days time when the sun is setting. Two days later when the sun is setting, Yuuka and Etsuko arrive as Cure Mirage and Cure Change to see Cure Reflect standing there ready for battle. Cure Reflect tells them that if she wins, the two girls will quit being magical girls and if she loses, she will join their team and reveal her civilian identity, which the two girls agree to and than the two girls start fighting against Cure Reflect.
13 Purikyua wo yameru? Sonnano dekinai!
"We have to quit being Pretty Cure? I can't do that!"
Mayonaka Hotaru 2014-05-14
The girls lose against Cure Reflect and Yuuka says that she did quite well and took it as a practice fight. Etsuko was quite upset, thinking she hasn't gotten stronger at all. Cure Reflect tells them they have lost and they must quit being Pretty Cure immediately and hold out her hand for their Changer Brace's. Yuuka shocked shakes her head and holds her brace it her chest while Etsuko runs away. Glass tells Cure Reflect to give them one last chance to prove their selves, but Cure Reflect refuses, saying a promise is a promise and they must give her their Changer Brace's.
14 Mirā Chenji Purikyua wa 3 ni narimasu!
"Mirror Change Pretty Cure becomes three! "
Kuromiya Ryuu 2014-05-21
15 2014-05-28
16 2014-06-04
17 2014-06-11
18 2014-06-18
19 2014-06-25
20 2014-07-02