Mirai Pretty Cure
(Mirai Purikyua)
StudioToei Animation
LicensorPony Canyon
NetworkAnimax, TV Asahi, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Original RunDecember 27, 2015 - November 27, 2016
PredecessorFutari wa Pretty Cure Galaxy!
SuccessorElemental Pretty Cure!
Opening SongSubete Isshoni! Mirai Pretty Cure!
Ending SongOur Future

Kagayaku Kibou

Mirai Pretty Cure (ミライプリキュア Mirai Purikyua, lit. Future Pretty Cure) is DaisyandMangaForever's first Pretty Cure fanseries and the thirteenth edition in the Pretty Cure series. It's themes are light, stars, dreams, and the future.


A kingdom known as the Mirai Kingdom held the Future Star, which controlled the future. However, the Dark Future wanted the Future Star to control all worlds. The princess, Princess Hikari, told Yume and Kibou to find three girls who meet the requirements of a Pretty Cure.

The first, Yumehashi Mirai, is not only a Pretty Cure, but one of the three Children of the Future, children who have powers from the Future Star. They coincidentally are all girls. Now Mirai must fight Dark Future and find the other two Children of the Future.


Pretty Cure

Yumehashi Mirai (夢橋みらい Yumehashi Mirai)
The protagonist of the season with a calm, cute personality. She's fun to be around and almost never seems to be upset. She is the first of the three Children of the Future. Mirai's Cure ego is Cure Wish (キュアウィッシュ Kyua U~isshu) and she is granted the power of light.

Genshi Hitomi (幻視ひとみ Genshi Hitomi)

Hoshiwara Ai (星原あい Hoshiwara Ai)

Shiroyama Claire (白山クレア Shiroyama Claire)


Yume (ユメ Yume)

Kibou (キボウ Kibō)

Dark Future

Akumu (アクム Akumu)