This is a episode list for Miracle Trump ♥ Pretty Cure.

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   2 Ohimesama! Warui kata, wan Ryō - kyuarei!

     2お姫様!悪い方、ワン良 -キュアレイ!

 "The two princess! One Bad, One Good- Cure Ray!"

White 14-03-14
Black and White were in the Colorful Palace. White was being very applaused, since Black looks likes she never existed. Then, the next day, looking like White was starting to become selfish, Black stoled her Powerful Amulet, the thing that can turn a princess into a Pretty Cure. A shadow invaded White's heart and she started to become very evil. White used a table to turn into a Kurafure, and wanting to save her sister, White's stoled Powerful Amulet started to shine and give powers to Black, turning her into a new Pretty Cure, Cure Ray. She defeated the monster, but wasn't able to beat her sister.


   Hazukashi gari ya okubyō, kyuafezā!


    "Shy and timid, Cure Feather!"

  White 15-03-14
After Black come to earth and named herself Kurogane Kelly, she went in the school where it has another transfer student called Hanaute Yasmin. Yasmin was very nervous to talk to the people in the class, and faster started to run, but when she notices, Kelly was pulling her blouse. Kelly encouraged her, and said that she is going first to Yasmin breathe. Kelly introduces herself, and later Yasmin (still nervous) introduced herself. Kelly started to talk to Yasmin, but Yasmin was really shy. Then, Kelly noticed a Kurafure, and then she transformed into Cure Ray in front of Yasmin's eyes. Ray was being defeated, but Yasmin protected her and became Cure Feather. Defeating the Kurafure, Kelly and Yasmin became friends.


                            Kerī·· ijō, Burakku no kako


                     "Kelly...or better, Black's past"

  White 16-03-14
Yasmin was thinking about White said in the last episode, if she knows the truth about Ray, and in the next day, Yasmin asked to Kelly how her past was. Kelly tell that her real name is Black, Black Lilly and the girl who was attacking her is her sister. She telled about the shadows in White's heart and everything, then Yasmin started to cry, and felling sorry to Kelly, or better, Black, she ran away. Black was trying to find Yasmin, but when she finds, she finds a Kurafure with her. Black transforms into Cure Ray and defeats the monster, saving Feather. Then, Yasmin say that she was thinking that she can't be friends with Kelly, but Kelly said that they were always friends.


                             Sūpāinterijento, kyuabukku!


                           Super intelligent, Cure Book!

White 17-03-14
A new student in the school, Tsukikawa Renata, is very intelligent and has a QI of 150. Yasmin and Kelly wanted to be friends with her, but she doesn't have time to talk and always stayed at home. One day, Yasmin and Kelly come to her house (It was big, of course) and her father said that she can't have friends. Yasmin not agreed and then Renata's father said that she had to be the perfect daughter in the world. But both of them make a plan, and Kelly (using her powers as Black) flied to the 5th floor, where was Renata's room. There, Renata was saying to her dolls that she wanted to have real friends, and Kelly knocked the window. After that, Renata started to escape from her bedroom to play and had real friends, but one day, a dancer became a Kurafure and Yasmin and Kelly transformed in front of Renata. Renata, as wanting to protect her friends, transformed into Cure Book and defeated the Kurafure.


Koko ni wa kuru! Dai shi purikyua ga tōjō!


Here comes! The fourth Pretty Cure appears!

Mizuhara Clair, a player of the softball team, transforms into a Pretty Cure.


Kokusai kōdō! Kyua no dansu!


International Action! A cure's dance!

The 5th Pretty Cure reveals being from another country.