Mayonaka Hotaru
真夜中 ほたる Mayonaka Hotaru
SeasonMirror Change Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBlack (Hotaru)

Lilac (Black Mirror)

Home PlaceShadow Empire Tower
First AppearanceMCPC01 (Hotaru)

MCPC07 (Black Mirror)

Alter EgoCure Black Mirror
Theme ColorDark Purple (main)

Black (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorTBA
Mayonaka Hotaru (真夜中 ほたる Mayonaka Hotaru) is one of the generals from Shadow Empire. She appears in Mirror Change Pretty Cure! and she has a dark Pretty Cure alter ego called Cure Black Mirror (キュア ブラック ミラー Kyua Burakku Mirā).


Hotaru has black hair that has purple highlights and her eyes are purple. She ties her hair in a side ponytail by a dark purple scrunchie. Her outfit consists of a black jacket with a lilac shirt underneath which has magenta stars on the bottom right side of the shirt, dark purple pleated skirt, black thigh length stockings and brown boots with gold buckles.

As Cure Black Mirror, her hair turns lilac and grows longer and stays in a side ponytail but is curler and is held up by a gold band and her eyes are still purple.




Cure Black Mirror




  • Hotaru is the first villain to be able to transform into a Pretty Cure and fight for the villain side.
    • She is the second dark Cure after Dark Cure to fight for the evil side.