Love Wings! Pretty Cure!
(Rabuu~Ingusu Purikyua!)
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PredecessorMetal Pretty Cure! Unbreakble!
SuccessorAwake Pretty Cure!
Opening SongLove! Fly! Dance! Pretty Cure!
Ending SongAkai♥Bara

The Bond of Love

 Love Wings! Pretty Cure  (ラブウィングスプリキュア!Rabuu~ingusu! Purikyua) is WhiteColor's 6th fan series in this wikia. The theme is love and the sky.


Love Wings! Pretty Cure episodes

After the Love Arrow be stoled, Queen Mai sented 4 fairies to the earth to find the legendary warriors, Love Wings Pretty Cure! Then, Aishou Tsubasa find a little creature being hurt, and bring this creature to her home. This creature was one of the fairies that were send to find the Pretty Cures. After that, Tsubasa became a legendary warrior, and a new Pretty Cure season starts!



Aishou Tsubasa (愛翔つばさ Aishou Tsubasa)

A lovely girl who hates study, but always care about the others before herself first. She never let anyone dear to her down (only her mother), and she is very beautiful and calm, "like the wind", the others say. Her alter-ego is Cure Angel (キュアエンジェル Kyuaenjeru) and she holds the power of the wind and the love.

Kurusaki Hina (クールーサキひな Kurusaki Hina)

She loves putting nicknames in the others, but are lovely nicknames, like "Cute-Chan" or something like that. She is full of energy and very honest. Sometimes she can be clumsy. Her alter-ego is Cure Cloud (キュアクラウド Kyua Kuraudo) and she holds the power of the sky.

Kazehara Kaya (風原カヤ Kazehara Kaya)

She is more calm, but never gave up in her dreams. Study isn't her ability, but drawing is. She can draw everything, but she is more confident. Clumsy too, but more careful than Hina. Her alter-ego is Cure Harmonize (キュアハーモナイズ Kyua Hamonaizu ) and she controls the power of the water.

Chokawa Mariko (趙川真理子 Chokawa Mariko)

Mariko is more energetic than Hina, loves eating, specially Ice-Cream and Hamburguer, and she hates study. But she is intelligent when the subject is loving something with her heart. Her alter-ego is Cure Pegasus (キュアペガサス Kyua Pegasasu) and she control the power of the feathers and a little bit of fire.


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