Kagome Hoshimi
籠目 星美 Kagome Hoshimi
SeasonSilver Angel! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorLight gold
Home PlaceHikaritani
First AppearanceSAPC04
Japanese Voice ActorHaru Hotaru
Kagome Hoshimi (籠目 星美 Kagome Hoshimi) is a friend of Akiyama Mitsuko and Himura Hikaru from Silver Angel! Pretty Cure. She is a mysterious girl, but becomes hyper when it comes to ghost stories.


Hoshimi is often seen only in her school uniform. Her hair is straight, and is a very light gold colour, often in a long pony tail. Her eyes are green.


Hoshimi is a very mysterious girl. Her mother is a fortune teller. Hoshimi's roommate is a girl called Hoshiyume Tsukiyo, a girl who Mitsuko admires. In episode 4, the girls tell ghost stories to each other, and Hoshimi goes hyper.


Coming to boarding school

It is unknown how Hoshimi came to boarding school. Mitsuko and Hikaru have suspicions that she is Cure Starlight, because she looks like her, and acts like her. Hoshimi also wears the same bracelet that Cure Starlight wears in battle.


Akiyama Mitsuko - They aren't necessary friends, but get along with each other. Mitsuko strongly thinks that Hoshimi is Cure Starlight, and whenever Mitsuko talkes about it, Hoshimi runs away.

Himura Hikaru - Hikaru is nice to Hoshimi, but Hoshimi does not understand why, because she is always saying bad things to her about Cure Starlight, the cure Mitsuko and Hikaru admire.

Himura Aoi - Hoshimi hates Aoi, and glares at him, whenever their eyes meet. This scares Aoi.

Hoshiyume Tsukiyo - Hoshimi's roommate.

Kira - Hoshimi seems to know Kira.


Kagome (籠目): Kagome (籠目) means a 'woven bamboo pattern'.

Hoshimi (星美): Hoshi (星) means 'star', and Mi (美) means 'beauty'. Together, Hoshimi means 'star beauty'.