Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 Hoshizora no kagayaku kaori! Kyua Buringu toujou!
星空の輝く香り!キュア ブリング登場!
"Sparkling fragrance of the starry sky! Cure Bling appears!"
Harumi Arisa went to her favourite ice-cream shop after failing to cheer up a teenager. There, she met Rhythm, and gave her the power to transform into a Pretty Cure.
02 Ryōritte fan, fan! Chizuru no Kyua Pafu~yūmu no bouken hajimari!
料理ってファン、ファン!ちずるのキュアパフュームの冒険 はじまり!
"Cooking is fun, fun! Chizuru begins her adventure as Cure Perfume!"
Nagano Chizuru meets Arisa and asks if she would like to come the cooking club and have some of her famous strawberry muffins. Arisa accepts and when she gets there, Rhythm warns her that there is evil energy lurking in the cooking room. But when Arisa transforms, Chizuru suddenly is granted a Lovely Aroma which hovers right in front of her. She couldn't be a Pretty Cure too?!
03 Fasshion wa watashi no tsubasa! Kyua Jazumin toujou!
ファッションは私の翼!キュア ジャズミン 登場!
"Fashion is my wings! Cure Jasmine appears!"