Hip-Hop! Pretty Cure!
NetworkShiro TV
Original RunFebuary 12, 2015
PredecessorHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
SuccessorPretty Cure ~ Light and Dark
Opening SongHappy Melody! Hip-Hop! Pretty Cure!
Ending SongHappiness Charge! Full song!

The Crazy Note

 Hip-Hop! Pretty Cure! is WhiteColor's one of her fan-series. It was basead on Lollipop Hip-Hop clothes, and the cures will wear like that.


Hip-Hop Pretty Cure! Episodes 

In the Music Palace, it was a beautiful place. But, when the Noised Ruin attacked, Pretty Cures of the kingdom hid, turning them into a Shadow self, or a Shadow Cure. Because of this, Lily, the fairy, goes to earth to find the Pretty Cures with no fear, that does not give up. But this is not as easy as what she thinks...


Kino Melaine (キノメラニーKino Meranī)

She is the sporty girl of the series. She is perfect in volleyball, and she is very amazing. Some people call her "Black". Her alter-ego is Cure Milky (キュアミルキーKyuamirukī). Her theme colors is Pink, Light Purple, White and a little black.

Utsukushi Hotaru (美しいほたるUtsukushī Hotaru

The beauty girl, a model, but a little selfish and has fear of everything that is ugly. Someday, she was scared after seeing Melaine after the training. Her alter-ego is Cure Rhapsody (キュアラプソディ Kyua Rapusodi). Her theme colors is Fuscia, White and Dark Pink.

Tsukigami Adele (憑神アデルTsukigami Aderu)

A singer, but not so famous. She sings romantic, pop and rock songs. More Pop. She has a beautiful blue hair and green eyes. Her alter-ego is Cure Song (キュアソング Kyua Songu). Her theme colors are Yellow, Green, Black and a little pink.


Lily (リリー Riri)

The only mascot in the series. She loves listening to music. Usually, she ends her sentences with -Riri!