Himura Hikaru
日村 光る Himura Hikaru
SeasonSilver Angel! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark blue (Hikaru)

Blue (Twilight)

Hair ColorDark Blue (Hikaru)

Blue (Twilight)

Home PlaceHikaritani
RelativesHimura Aoi (brother)
First AppearanceSAPC01
Alter EgoCure Twilight
Theme ColorBlue (main)

Silver (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorFukuoka Youko
English Voice ActorElla Grant
Himura Hikaru (日村 光る Himura Hikaru) is one of the main cures in Silver Angel! Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Twilight, and her theme colour is blue.


In human form, Hikaru is seen with blue hair in one plait. Her casual outfit includes a white top with a blue heart in the middle, sleeves just below the elbow, and blue shorts. She wears light brown boots.

As Cure Twilight, Hikaru's hair becomes brighter, and becomes a high pony tail. Her top is blue with a bright blue crystal in the middle, with silver sleeves. Her skirt is blue, with silver outlining, and a layer underneath which is silver. Her boots are blue and silver.


Hikaru's dream is to be a singer, and is very good at it. She also loves dancing. Hikaru is average in academics, but is not good at cooking. She does not respect her big brother Aoi, because of something that happened in the past, but Mitsuko admires him a lot.


Coming to boarding school

Becoming Cure Twilight


Akiyama Mitsuko - She and Hikaru are best friends, and are roommates at boarding school.

Himura Aoi - Aoi is Hikaru's older brother, but does not respect him.

Cure Twilight

"The Radiant heart that holds Eternal Dreams! Cure Twilight!"

永遠の夢をもつ煌めく心!キュア トワイライト!

Eien no yume wo motsu kirameku kokoro! Kyua Towairaito!

Cure Twilight is Himura Hikaru's alter ego. She needs Meya to transform, and transforms by saying Pretty Cure! Angelic Formation!


Himura (日村): Hi (日) means 'sun', and mura (村) means 'village'. Together, Himura means 'sun/sunny village'.

Hikaru (光る): Hikaru (光る) means 'shining'.