Harumi Arisa
春美 ありさ Harumi Arisa
SeasonIdol Essence Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorMagenta (Arisa)

Pink (Bling)

Hair ColorMagenta (Arisa)

Light Pink (Bling)

Home PlaceKagayagawa
RelativesHarumi Youko (mother)

Harumi Daiki (father)

First AppearanceIEPC01
Alter EgoCure Bling
Theme ColorPink
Japanese Voice ActorWakamiya Kasumi
Harumi Arisa (春美 ありさ Harumi Arisa) is the lead cure of Idol Essence Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Bling, and her theme colour is pink.


In normal form, Arisa's hair is in low pig-tails, and is magenta. Her casual outfit consists a long sleeved pale pink top with a brown leather belt, and denim shorts. She wears light brown boots.


Arisa is a caring and friendly girl, but sometimes tries to cheer people up in the wrong way, such as doing a weird dance or making faces. Arisa is very bad at sports and studying, but likes drawing. Arisa is a girl who gets bored or sick of something very quickly such as studying or training for sports events. Although Arisa does not have smart qualities, she was a good enough girl to become a Pretty Cure.


Becoming Cure Bling



Nagano Chizuru - A member of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Perfume and her theme colour is lilac.

Sumino Tsubasa - The third cure to join the team. Her alter ego is Cure Jasmine and her theme colour is orange and red.

Harakawa Madoka - The fourth cure to be born. Her alter ego is Cure Fragrance and her theme colour is yellow.

Cure Bling

"The sparkling fragrance that runs through the starry sky, Cure Bling!"
"星空に流れる輝く香り!キュア ブリング!"
"Hoshizora ni nagareru kagayaku kaori! Kyua Buringu!"

Cure Bling (キュア ブリング Kyua Buringu) is Harumi Arisa's alter ego. She is represented by crystals and stars when transforming. Her transformation phrase is Pretty Cure Pink Energy, Henshin!. Cure Bling's main power is speed.