Hanauta Yasmin
花唄ヤスミン Hanauta Yasumin
SeasonMiracle Trump ♥ Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde (Yasmin)

Pink (Feather)

First AppearanceMTPC02
Alter EgoCure Feather
Theme ColorPink (Main)

White (Sub)

Japanese Voice ActorOno Kyouko
 Hanauta Yasmin (花唄ヤスミン Hanauta Yasumin) is one of the main characters of Miracle Trump ♥ Pretty Cure and also the lead cure, excluding the part that Kelly transformed first. She is very shy and is a transfer student. Her cure form is Cure Feather (キュアフェザー  Kyuafezā). 

Her catchprase is "I can't be!" (私は出来ません! Watashi wa dekimasen!)


As Yasmin, she has blonde hair, usually tied in a ponytail. She wears glasses. She usually wears a pink blouse with the word Love writed with glitter in white. She wears a white short and pink sneakers. 

As Cure Feather, her hair becomes pink and free. She wears a Pink dress with a white belt, and also a skirt in the belt, white, looking like flying. She wears a white ribbon in her chest, and her shoes are pink boots with parts in white. Also, in her belt, is her Trump Pact's carrying case. Her arm warners are white with a pink heart in the top.


Yasmin is very shy and usually don't talk to anyone.


First Friend and Cure Feather


Kurogane Kelly - Kelly encouraged her to talk to the class in episode 2.

Cure Feather

                          Beauty and Flying, bringing the courage! Cure Feather!


                                 Utsukushi-sa to yūki o motarashi, furaingu! Kyuafezā!

Cure Feather (キュアフェザー! Kyuafezā!) is Yasmin's alter-ego. She transformed into a Pretty Cure when she told White that Ray wasn't weak and was her first friend. She talks about hope and courage in the battles. Alone, she can perform Angel Solution. Together with the others, Royal Straight Flush.



Hanauta (花唄) - Hana means "Flower" and Uta means "Song". Together, it means "Song of the flowers".

Yasmin  (ヤスミン) - An Arabian name wich means "Jasmin". Also the name of a flower.


Yasmin's voice actress, Ono Kyouko, has participed in several image songs for the character she voices.



  • She is very similiar to Hanasaki Tsubomi in these ways:
    • Both are shy.
    • Their surnames have "Hana".
    • They are the lead cures.
  • She is the first lead cure who didn't appeared in episode one.