Gingami Mirai
銀河美未来 Gingami Mirai
SeasonBig Bang ✦ Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark Blue (Mirai)

Light Pink (Galaxy)

Hair ColorBlack (Mirai)

Light Blue (Galaxy)

Home PlaceEntoiawase
RelativesGingami Hoshi (Sister)
First AppearanceBBPC01
Alter EgoCure Galaxy
Theme ColorPink
Japanese Voice ActorIizuka Mayumi
 Gingami Mirai (銀河美未来 Gingami Mirai) is one of the main cures of Big Bang ✦ Pretty Cure.  She has a strong sense of justice and always help the weak. Her cure form is Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー Kyua Gyarakushī) .

Her catchphase is "Lovely, Happy!"


When born, Mirai had black hair (she has today, too) and weared a light yellow dress, with no sleeves, and no shoes.

As Mirai, her hair is tied with a ribbon and black. Her eyes are dark blue. Her clothes are a white blouse jacket-like, jeans shorts, red sneakers, a red necklace, and a blue ring. 

As Cure Galaxy, her hair gets tied in twintails, turned light blue. Her eyes turn light pink, and her clothes are a short sleeved pink blouse, with feathers-like. A purple ribbon in the middle in her chest. The blouse showing the midriff, her skirt is purple with parts in dark blue. Her shoes are pink short boots with a pink ribbon.


Mirai is a bright person, with a strong sense of justice and never let anyone dear for her down. She is terrible in studying, but is a kind of good in sports.


Born from the star

Love in her heart

Turning into a Pretty Cure


Tenshi Utau - They become very friends.

Cure Galaxy

                              "The constellation of love! Cure Galaxy!"


                                               Ai no seiza! Kyua Gyarakushī!

Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー Kyua Gyarakushī) is Mirai's alter ego. She still has the sense of justice and usually talks about hope and love in the middle of her battles. Alone, she perform many sub-attacks, and her finisher, Galaxy Nova. Along with the others, she perform Heart Creation.



  • Galaxy Ultimate Bomber (ギャラクシーアルティメットボンバー Gyarakushī Arutimetto Bonbā)
  • Galaxy Beam (ギャラクシービーム Gyarakushī Bīmu)
  • Galaxy Dance System (ギャラクシーダンスシステム Gyarakushī Dansu Shisutemu)
  • Galaxy Rising (ギャラクシーライジング Gyarakushīraijingu)


Gingami (銀河美) - Ginga means "Galaxy", and Mi means "Beauty".

Mirai (未来) - Mirai is the japanese word for "Future".


Mirai's voice actor, Iizuka Mayumi, has participed in several image songs for the character she voices.



  • Mirai is the first lead cure to have the initials G.M.
  • She shares her voice actress with Cure Empress and Chinien Miyuki.
    • Also, Cure Empress is a real cure (but dead) and Miyuki was the first impression of Cure Passion.

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