This is Future Star Pretty Cure! episodes list.

Episode #

Title Villain Air Date

Kono on'nanoko ni egao o torimodosu! Tenkōsei to kanashī shōjo no monogatari.


Bring back smile to this girl! Story of transfer student and sad girl.

Dark February 8, 2015
Cure New is fighting Lightno and defeats him with her attack. After Dark, who created a monster disappears, she says that she will not let No Light Kingdom destroy any other worlds. Next day, 14 years old girl, Ayuzawa Mikoto is going to school. When the teacher arrives in the class, she tells the students, that a new student will join their class and Morimoto Kuroko introduces herself to everyone in the class. The teacher decided that her seat will be next to Mikoto and Mikoto stands up and tells the teacher that she can't sit there because that's Maria's seat. The teacher remainds Mikoto that it's has already been one year so Kuroko ends up seating next to her. At lunch break, Kuroko tries to talk with Mikoto but she doesn't want to do that. Some other classmates tell her, that Mikoto doesn't want to talk with anyone because her twin sister, Maria disappeared year ago. After school Kuroko still tries to talk with Mikoto but she told her to stop talking with her because she doesn't want to. Kuroko stops following her but starts again later in the afternoon when she saw her in the library. When she followed her to the forest to a big tree, Dark appeared and created a Lightno. Kuroko transforms into Cure New in front of Mikoto and starts fighting it but she is almost defeated. Then Mikoto suddenly gets a feeling that she wants to protect her and fairy Rui gives her the Starlight Module. She uses it to transform into Cure Mirror. She helped Cure New and defeat Lightno. When they both transformed back to normal and Kuroko asked Mikoto about becoming friends and Pretty Cure partners, Mikoto tells her that she doesn't think that's a good idea and went back home. Kuroko was disappointed and was watching her leave. She decided she won't follow her this time.

Kuroko no kettei to Mikoto no kako​​.


Kuroko's decision and Mikoto's past.

Dark February 15, 2015
One day after Mikoto told Kuroko that she can't be her friend and Pretty Cure partner, Kuroko was standing in front of mirror in her room. She was thinking about yesterday and was putting her hair in tails. She decided that she'll make Mikoto change her mind. Kuroko couldn't find Mikoto at lunch break so she decided that she'll visit her at home after school. Because Mikoto went to library before going home she was there before her. She was talking to her mother and she told her that nobody from her class visited Mikoto for one year. She invited her to living room where Kuroko saw picture of two girls, Mikoto and one who looked just like her and their mother told her, that Mikoto used to be really diffrent girl that she is now.. At that time Mikoto was back home and mother told them that they can go to Mikoto's room and that she'll make tea. Mikoto just wanted to tell her that she doesn't need to but she already left. Kuroko asked Mikoto to become her partner again. Mikoto told her that if she said no once she isn't going to change her mind. Kuroko told her that she understand that she is sad but that she is sure Maria won't want her to be sad like that. Mikoto didn't say anything. They were just standing there and didn't say anything. Mikoto's mother came with tea and started to talk with Kuroko. Before she realised, Mikoto joined them too. When Kuroko left she said thank you to Mikoto but she told her that this doesn't mean she changed her mind but Kuroko noticed that she maybe sound a little bit happier than before. On she was talking to Rui and Arnold on her way back home she was attacked by Lightno. She started fighting it and is soon joined by Cure Mirror. After they defeated Lightno, Cure Mirror left before Cure New could ask her anything. When Kuroko came back home she thought to herself, that she'll definetly make Mikoto become Mikoto she was before Maria disappeared.

Mikoto no hontō no kimochi. Saishūtekini wa de~yuo ga kanryō shimashita.


Mikoto's real feelings. Finally duo is complete.

Dark February 22, 2015
When Mikoto went to school she saw Kuroko waiting for her in front of her door. She run away and took a shortcut. Kuroko decided that she'll try to talk with her in lunch break but she couldn't find her. She went to library and met her there and tried to talk to her. When she followed her to park, Mikoto asked her why does she wants to become her friend so much. Kuroko told her that she liked her, when she saw her for the first time. Mikoto didn't excpet this answer, so she asked her why was she chosen to become Pretty Cure. Kuroko told her, that she was chosen because her strong feelings that she want to protect the world. Mikoto remebered something Maria once told her and didn't say anything. Then Arnold and Rui felt that Lightno appaeraed and Kuroko ran there with Arnold. Rui then told Mikoto that she really wants to be her partner and that she want to see her smile. Mikoto remebered Maria again and ran after Kuroko. She told her to wait for her and told her, that she wants to be her partner and friend. They transformed together and defeated Lightno. After that Mikoto told Kuroko that she finally realised that Maria doesn't want her to be sad all of the time and that she'll try her best to become way she was before Maria disappeared. Kuroko told her that she'll try her best to help her with this. 

Ōki sugiru! Kuroko no kazoku.


Too big! Kuroko's family.

Illusion March 1, 2015
One morning when Mikoto was going to school she bumbed in boy who she thought was very rude. At school Kuroko asked her if she wants to visit her. After school they went to her house. When they came there Mikoto was suprised when she found out Kuroko has a lot of siblings. She first met twins Hikari and Hikaru, soon after that Sakura, Lily and Ellen. At the end she met boy she bumbed in in the morning and found out that he is Mikoto's older brother. She then meet her parents and grandmother. When they went to her room Kuroko apologise to her because she didn't tell her how big family she has before, but she is used to it so she forget that Mikoto might be suprised. Mikoto asked her if they are all from Star Kingdom and Kuroko told her what happened in Star Kingdom. Her grandmother heard them and told them that she used to be pretty cure too.

Mikoto to kuroko. Yūjō no chikara!


Mikoto and Kuroko. Power of friendship!

Masquerade March 8, 2015
Dark and Illusion were at Now Light Kingdom house talking about pretty cure when Masquerade appeared and told them that she'll defeat pretty cure easily. At the same time Mikoto and Kuroko were in Mikoto's room talking about what they heard from Kuroko's grandmother. They decided to meet at park next day. Masquerade was listening to them and remembered that both Illusion and Dark were talking about how cures work together so she remembered she just have to destroy their friendship. In the evening she changed herself to look like Kuroko and called Mikoto that she can't come to park next day. Mikoto was disapointed but decided to go to library instead. Next day Kuroko was waiting for Mikoto for hour and decided to go to her house to look what's going on and saw her when she was going out of library. She asked her why didn't she come to park and Mikoto told her that she didn't come because she called her that she can't come. Kuroko didn't understand what's going on. Then Masquerade appeared and girls transformed. Girls were fighting Lightno and found out, that she can change in any person she wants and that she called Mikoto last evening. Girls defeated Lightno and Masquerade told them that she only didn't show her real powers yet.

Ekisaitingu! Min'na de nichiyōbi no pikunikku.


Exciting! Sunday picnic with everyone.

Illusion March 15, 2015
On Sunday morning, Kuroko came to Mikoto's house and told her and her parents that her family wants to invite them to their family picnic. They weren't sure if it's right for them to go if it's family picninc but in the end Kuroko made them change their mind. They went to picninc together and have a lot of fun, Mikoto's parents were very happy that Mikoto met Kuroko, because they were really worried about her being so sad after Maria disappeared. Picninc was attacked by Illusion. While Kuroko's grandmother helped Mikoto's parents escape Mikoto and Kuroko transformed in Pretty Cure. With little help from Kuroko's siblings they defeated Lightno. 

Romanchikku! Kuroko no hatsukoi!


Romantic! Kuroko's first love!

Masquerade March 22, 2015
One day Kuroko came to invite Mikoto to lunch with her siblings and find out that her two cousins Yukito and Rena are there and invites them too. When they were talking Kuroko started to feel strange with Yukito but didn't understand why. Next day Kuroko met Yukito again and he thanked her for becoming friends with Mikoto. Masquerade saw them. Kuroko was sitting in the park when Yukito came there and told her that he wants to show her something. Yukito was actually Masquarade. Then Lightno appear and Masquarade reveal her identity and took her Starlight Module. Kuroko tried to fight Lightno with her civillian form powers but they were too weak. Cure Mirror appeared and got Kuroko's Starlight Module back. They defeated Lightno together.

Hikari to Hikaru! Futago no mondai.


Hikari and Hikaru! Twin's problems.

Dark March 29, 2015

Atarashī nazo, fushigina bokkusu ga hyōji sa remasu!


New mystery, mysterious box appear!

Dark April 5, 2015

Murasaki no fuku no shōjo, kyua· wārudo ga kita!


Girl in violet clothes, Cure World came!

Illusion April 12, 2015

Kanojo wa? Kyua· wārudo o kensaku!


Who is she? Searching for Cure Wolrd!

Illusion April 19, 2015

Dono yō ni wareware wa sore o shiyō suru koto ga dekimasu ka? Reinbōbokkusu no chikara!


How can we use it? Powers of Rainbow Box!

Masquerade April 26, 2015

Purikyuakyanpu! Saigo ni reinbōbokkusu wa watashitachi ni chikara o ataeru!


Pretty Cure camp! Finally Rainbow Box give us powers!




May 3, 2015