Daburu Sutā Purikyua: Jikan no sekai de Shainī Adobenchā
"Double Star Pretty Cure: Shiny Adventure in the World of Time"
SeriesFuture Star Pretty Cure!

Shining Star Pretty Cure!

DirectorLily Shine


 Double Star Pretty Cure: Shiny Adventure in the World of Time is crossover movie between Lily Shine's fanseries Future Star Pretty Cure! and MoonlightRainbow's fanseries Shining Star Pretty Cure!.


One day Kuroko and Mikoto were having a normal day, when suddenly an owl with a letter appeared. In the letter was written:

Dear Pretty Cure!

Please come to the World of Time, we need your help.

Queen Timeheart

The owl with same message appeared in front of Haruka, Ella and Ami too and they also had a normal day before. They all decide that they'll help the portal that will send them to World of Time suddenly appeared. All five were surprised when they found out that there were other Cures too. In the World of Time they met Queen Timeheart and her daughter Princess Alicia. Queen Timeheart told them, that the treasure of World of Time, Shiny Time Crystal, has disappeared and if it gets in the wrong hands, there will be trouble in all worlds. Shiny Time Crystal controls all time and things the from past, present and future could get in the wrong times! Pretty Cure have to find the crystal before its too late. But they don't have any clues? How will they find it?


Pretty Cure

Future Star Pretty Cure

Ayuzawa Mikoto / Cure Mirror

Morimoto Kuroko / Cure New

Shining Star Pretty Cure

Yozora Haruka / Cure Love

Karen Ella / Cure Shiny

Aoimizu Ami / Cure Intelligent


Future Star Pretty Cure

Shining Star Pretty Cure


Movie only characters

Queen Timeheart - Queen of World of Time.

Princess Alicia - Queen Timeheart's daughter.


Starlight Module - Mikoto and Kuroko's transformation item.

Starlight Book - Haruka, Ella and Ami's transformation item.


MoonlightRainbow and Lily Shine plan to do sequel to this movie when they'll reveal identities of other cures from Shining Star Pretty Cure! and Future Star Pretty Cure!