Doki Doki Power! Pretty Cure
(Dokidokipawā! Purikyua)
Opening SongDoki Doki Power!!!
Ending SongAt the end of the Rainbow (1-30)

Dear My Memory (31-60)

 Doki Doki Power! Pretty Cure is one of MoonlightRainbow's series on Happiness Pretty Cure Wiki. Story takes place 10 000 years after Doki Doki! Pretty Cure and talks about reincarnations of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.


10 000 years after Doki Doki! Pretty Cure team defeated Selfish King, Queen Selfish who want to destroy and take control of all worlds and turn everyone in Jikochuu. They also came to Earth and Trump Kingdom. It's time for new pretty cure to appear!

Second year students from First Ogai Town Middle School went to school trip to Trump Republic Castle. When suddenly boy named Ira appeared and created Jikochuu. Everyone ran away, when one of students Harukaze Kokoro saw three fairies that were attacked by monster and tried to help them. Suddenly mysterious Pretty Cure appeared and saved her and fairies. Pretty Cure defeated Jikochuu and started fighting Ira but Pretty Cure is almost defeated. Kokoro wanted to help her and with help of one of three fairies transformed in Cure Amore. Together with Cure Triangle, Cure Flower and mysterious Cure Spade she must protect all worlds.


Pretty Cure

Harukaze Kokoro - Kokoro is friendly 14 years old girl. She always help others and will always protect people dear to her. When she deicde she'll do something she doesn't give up until she do it. Her alter ego is Cure Amore and her symbol is Heart. She is reincarnation of Aida Mana/Cure Heart.

Yumeri Suzuko - Suzuko is clever 14 years old girl and Kokoro's childhood friend. She is student council president of Oogai First Middle school. Her alter ego is Cure Triangle and her symbol is Diamond. She is reincarnation of Hishikawa Rikka/Cure Diamond

Arisugawa Hana 

Cure Spade 


Doki Doki! Pretty Cure