Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Miyamoto Kanoko,


Cure prism Cure prism Cure prism 1:59(TV)


Hoshi Star Song Precure Single,

Dokidoki Hoshi Precure

Chiisana Bokura No Ookina Heart ( 小さな僕らの大きなハート Translation: We're Small in Size but Big in Heart)  is the 2nd opening song for Dokidoki Hoshi Precure!!!. It is written by Cure prism. It is sung by Ichiko and Miyamoto Kanoko, Who voiced Kenzaki Makoto. It is sung until and goes for 1:59 and to 3:09 for full. It appears in Dokidoki Hoshi Precure!!! Opening  and Hoshi Star Song Precure Single. It is long than anyone that has the celebration because it is the 20th season and the smiles of the past cures for 5 seconds.


Japanese Romaji Translation
行こう ハートに 夢だけつめこんで
君と冒険さ 時を超え 

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Yuko haato ni yumedake tsumekonde
Kimi to bouken sa toki wo koe
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Let us go in our hearts until our dreams,
you and the adventure surpass the time.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
恐竜だってさ 宇宙にはかなわない
地球さえ きっと守れるさ 

Hoshizora miteru to bokura wa chiisai
Akarui datte sa sorani wa kanawanai
Dakedo haato wo tsunagetanara
Chikyuusae kitto mamorerusa
Hey! Hey! Hey!

If we look at the stars we are little be bright,
it does not sweep the universe.
Even if we could connect our hearts,
we will be surely to protect the earth! Yes! Hey! Hey! Hey!

さあ今 果てなく 未知なる世界へと
君と手をつなぎ 飛べ ファーラウェイ 
Saa ima hatenaku michinaru sekai eto
Kimi to te wo tsunagi tobe fuaarauei
Let's see it is not finished Yay! ,If we know the way to the world.
If I could connect my hands with yours, we will be able to fly away.
言葉じゃなくても 伝わる気持ちは
僕らがホントの 友達だからだね
同じこの星 同じイノチ
Kotoba jyanaku temo tsutawaru kimochisa wa
Bokura ga honto no tomodachi dakara dane
Onaji kono hoshi onaji inochi
Nakayoku surutte saikousa
It is not a word but a communicated feeling
that is why we are friends isn't it?
The same star,
the same life the medicine of good relationships is supreme!!

Sa! Hey,Hey,Hey!

ピンチの時でも チカラ合わせたら
重ねた情熱 100倍のパワーさ
Yukou haato wo yuukide fukuramase
Kimi to chiheisen oikoshite
Let's go with courage with our hearts, with you pass let's go!
and chase the peaceful line of the earth
Hey Hey Hey!
さあ今 謎めく 歴史の彼方へと 過去と未来さえ 飛べ ファーラウェイ
行こう ハートに 夢だけつめこんで
君と冒険さ 時を超え
Pinchi no toki demo chikara  awasetara
Kasaneta jounetsu hyakubai no pawaa sa
Atsui omoi wa takaramono sa
Hyougaki mo kitto tokasu hodo
Saa ima nazomeku rekishi no kanata eto
Kako to mirai sae tobe fuaarauei
Yukou  haato ni yumedake tsumekonde
Kimi to bouken sa toki wo koe

Also in the tome of the pinch our power combined,
repeat enthusiasm, one hundred times our power. The hot speculation is a treasure also,
the ice river of time will surely melt
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Let's ignore the mystery Yay! to the place of the history.
If we go away and pass to the future we will be able to fly far away

Come now, to the other side of the enigmatic history
Let's fly away over our past and our future!
Let's go, with our hearts packed with dreams!
Transcending time, I'm on a an adventure with you!



  • It has Miyuki's name, Hoshizora from smile precure.
  • It is longer than [Charge Pretty Cure!]
  • The song is familiar to the smile ending precure song, Yay! Yay! Yay! because it has Yays.
  • This is the second song to have a Cure make a previous message in the opening, after Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! Wow!.
  • It is the special openings for the Pretty Cures' 20th birthday!

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