This is a list of episodes for Candy Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 Yume wo kanaetai! Kyua suweeto no tomodachi wa?
夢を叶えたい! キュア スイートの 友達は?
"I want to make my dream come true! Where's Cure Sweet's friend?"
Sharp February 15 2014
Mayumi Aika, a popular 14 year-old girl and is very reliable, but has never had a 'true' friend. When Momori Hitomi transfers into Aika's class, she gets seated next to Aika, and changes her life in many ways. Later that day, a strange monster called a 'Sharp' appeared when Aika went shopping. This is Cherry, a Pretty Cure mascot told Aika to save the the world, and Aika transformed into Cure Sweet. What Cure Sweet didn't know, was that Momori Hitomi was watching.
02 Watashi no hontou no shinyuu! Kyua roripoppu tanjou!
私の本当の 友達! キュア ロリーポップ 誕生!
"My true friend! Cure Lollipop is born!"



February 22 2014
Momori Hitomi had seen Mayumi Aika transform into a Pretty Cure, but Hitomi is actually the second Pretty Cure! Hitomi transforms into Cure Lollipop, and grants Aika's wish of having a true friend.
03 Kyua raimu wa hontou ni anoko nano?!
キュア ライムは本当に あの子なの?!
"Is that girl really Cure Lime?!"
Sour March 1 2014
There is a girl in Aika and Hitomi's class who is known for being mysterious, strict and scary. But Aika finds out that this girl doesn't like being known like this after all.
04 Yoninme no purikyua tanjou! Kyuuto de kawaii!
四人目のプリキュア 誕生! キュートでかわいい!
"The fourth Pretty Cure is born! She cute and kawaii!"


March 8 2014
Setsugu Takara, the sister of Sugar, turned out to be a Pretty Cure!
05 Kyandii Purikyua ga pinchi! Saigo no purikyua kara kotowari?!
キャンディー プリキュアが ピンチ! 最後のプリキュアから 断り?!
"Candy Pretty Cure's in trouble! A no from the last Pretty Cure?!"
Pepper March 15 2014
06 Kyandii Kingudomu wo torimodosou! Watashitachi no mirai no yakusoku!
キャンディーキングドムを 取り戻せ!私たちの未来の約束!
"Return Candy-Kingdom back to normal! Our future promise!"
Olive March 22 2014
07 Gakkou no tomodachi sukauto! Takara no shimei!
"Looking for school friends! Takara's mission!"
March 29 2014