Kyandii Purikyua ga pinchi! Saigo no purikyua kara kotowari?!
Candy Pretty Cure episode 05
キャンディー プリキュアが ピンチ!最後のプリキュアから 断り?!
"Candy Pretty Cure's in trouble! A no from the last Pretty Cure?!"
Air date 15 March 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Sweet! Candy Pretty Cure
Ending Candy Sugar
Directed by Emma-chi
Written by Emma-chi
Animated by Toei Animation
Art design by Emma-chi
"Candy Pretty Cure's in trouble! A no from the last Pretty Cure?!" (キャンディー プリキュアがピンチ!最後のプリキュアから 断り?!Kyandii Purikyua ga pinchi! Saigo no Purikyua kara kotowari?!) is the fifth episode of Candy Pretty Cure. In this episode, Ran Sayuri receives the power to transform into Cure Lavender again.


Cherry and Takara say that Ran Sayuri is the last Pretty Cure - Cure Lavender. Aika asks Sayuri to become part of their team, but she says no. Sayuri sounded like she knows what Pretty Cure is, and Aika, Hitomi, Midori and Takara find out about Sayuri's past. Sayuri also says to Aika that she does not like Pretty Cure, and does not want to be one.


The episode keeps going from when Cure Sugarplum says to Cure Sweet, Cure Lollipop and Cure Lime about the last cure, Cure Lavender, 'reviving'. The girls turn back into human form, and Takara tells the story behind Cure Lavender: A long time ago, Cure Lavender was still alive, and she had a partner, Cure Turquiose. Together, they were fighting for peace in Candy-Kingdom. Then one day, the lead emperor of Black Hole Kingdom, Shadow King, reached it's limit. However, the girls kept fighting.

To be continued

Major Events

  • Ran Sayuri once again, transforms into Cure Lavender.


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