Blooming Fate Pretty Cure!
ブルーミング フェイト プリキュア!
(Burūmingu Feito Purikyua!)
DirectorUser:Cure Memory
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 13, 2015 - February 5, 2016
Episodes50 Episodes
SuccessorHoly Point Pretty Cure!
Opening SongBlooming Fate Pretty Cure! YES!
Ending SongKagayaku Unmei

Lucky Chance

Blooming Fate Pretty Cure! (ブルーミング フェイト プリキュア! Burūmingu Feito Purikyua!) is the first fanseries created by User:Cure Memory. It starts airing on February 13, 2015 and ends on February 5, 2016, resulting in having 52 Episodes. The series' motifs are luck, virtues, fate and flowers.


Blooming Fate Pretty Cure! Episodes


Pretty Cure

Mae Yoshiko (前 よしこ Mae Yoshiko)/ Cure Lucky (キュア ラッキー Kyua Rakkī) - Yoshiko is a happy-go-lucky fourteen year old girl who is a second year student at Shizuka Academy. She is often getting herself in trouble because of her loud and mischievous personality but is she can be kind and friendly and always does her best to look out for everyone. She is full of luck, apparently never having a bad day in her life. Her alter ego is Cure Lucky, the Cure of Chance and her theme colour is pink. Her powers are based of holy light.a

Sugihara Kohana (杉原 こはな Sugihara Kohana)/ Cure Connection (キュア コネクション Kyua Konekushon) - Kohana is a shy fourteen year old girl who attends Shizuka Academy as a second year student. She dreams of making friends but due to being shy, she doesn't have the confident to make friends. Kohana is very clumsy and tends to say and do things without thinking twice about what she is saying or doing. She loves flowers and is in the garden club at school. Her alter ego is Cure Connection, the Cure of Friendship and her theme colour is blue. Her powers are based of flowers.

Yamane Wakana (山根 わかな Yamane Wakana)/ Cure Purity (キュア ピュアリティ Kyua Pyuariti)

Ashikaga Masago (足利 まさご Ashikaga Masago)/ Cure Justice (キュア ジャスティス Kyua Jasutisu)

Lovely Palace


Gogo! Sensor (ゴーゴー!センサー Gōgō! Sensā) - The transformation device for the Cures. They must say "Lucky Card! Place On! Pretty Cure Blooming Press!" to transform.