Big Bang ✦ Pretty Cure
(Bigguban ✦ purikyua)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkShiro TV
PredecessorElemental Circle ~ Pretty Cure
Opening SongLet's go! Pretty Cure Stars!
Ending SongBorn from a Star


 Big Bang ✦ Pretty Cure (ビッグバン✦プリキュア  Bigguban ✦ purikyua) is WhiteColor's 12th fan series on this wikia. The story is about 4 girls who were born from a star and become Pretty Cure.


Big Bang ✦ Pretty Cure episodes

A long time ago, a explosion occurred. This explosion created everything in the world. But, in a big star, four lights flied from it. They went into the Earth, born as 4 girls, without feelings and mind. They splited, and walked though the forest, and then they became babies, and were adopted, by different families. With love, they growed with special powers. Some bad people wanted to control those girls to stole this power. And, then, a new Pretty Cure season starts!



Gingami Mirai (銀河美未来 Gingami Mirai) - Mirai has a strong sense of justice and a terrible sense of studying. Her alter-ego is Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー  Kyua Gyarakushī) and she has the power of stars.

Tenshi Utau (天使歌う Tenshi Utau) - Utau has a beautiful voice and is good at studying. Her alter-ego is Cure Midnight (キュアミッドナイト Kyua Middonaito) and she has the power of the moon.

Akarui Azayaka (明るい鮮やか Akarui Azayaka) - Azayaka is very childish and bright, very cheerful. Her alter-ego is Cure Sunlight (キュアサンライト Kyua Sanraito) and she has the power of the sun.

Hibana Hoseki (火花宝石 Hibana Hoseki) - Hoseki is the type of lovely-happy person. She like studying the stars. Her alter-ego is Cure Space (キュアスペース  Kyua Supēsu) with the power of the planets.


Dark Eye (ダークアイ Dakuai) - the main villain of the series. He wants to control the cures to stole their powers. 

Darkness Pretty Cure - the dark cures born from the darkness of the space, by Dark Eye.

  • Darkness Star
  • Darkness Moon
  • Darkness Sun
  • Darkness Planet

Hakai (破壊 Hakai) - the monsters of the series.


Star Compact (スターコンパクト  Sutākonpakuto) - The transformation device, actived by the phrase Pretty Cure! Reunited Stars!.

Miracle Braces (ミラクルブレース Mirakuruburēsu) - The cures' main weapon.


  •  Entoiawase - The city where the story happens


  • This is the first time where the cures are born from the same place.
  • This is the first series which doesn't have a mascot.